Sunday, March 14, 2010

Facebook Group "I Love My Blue Heeler" picks Wiggles Blue Heeler

Facebook Group "I Love My Blue Heeler" picks Wiggles Blue Heeler as "Heeler of the Week"

(Note: My dearest friend, Wiggles Blue Heeler, known as WigglesBlue Heeler on Facebook, returned to Heaven Sunday morning, December 5th, 2010. My grief, like the joy Wiggles gave me every second of his dear life, is immeasurable. I thank God for the precious, priceless loan to me of Wiggles for over a dozen years. I am not less of a person because Wiggles returned to Heaven; I am more of a person because he lived! We will always love each other, ALWAYS.)

March 14, 2010

By Julie Kay Smithson, aka Wiggles' Mommy

Wiggles Blue Heeler is my "dog of a lifetime," in addition to being my best friend, loyal companion, walking buddy, playtime bundle of energy, & more, since he was 9 weeks young in September 1998. He is still vibrant and cheerful, full of life, love and playfulness!

There aren't enough words to describe how this sweetest soul in the universe makes me, and everyone he meets, happy.

He just loves everyone and everything, never growling or barking at anyone in his whole life!

Every day is a special blessing, being Wiggles' person.

Thanks so much to the Facebook Group, "I Love My Blue Heeler" for making Wiggles Blue Heeler this week's featured heeler from March 13 through March 19, 2010!

God bless heelers and their people everywhere; may they all appreciate and cherish these most special and precious irreplaceable blessings in dog clothes!!/group.php?gid=2212897445!/group.php?gid=2212897445&ref=search&sid=100000266756981.2114109923..1