Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Animal Control Officers & Dog Wardens, From Those You Serve

To Animal Control Officers & Dog Wardens, From Those You Serve

Thank you for loving your job, which means loving the animal that cannot defend themselves against abuse, neglect, etc. We understand that yours is often a thankless job, but we appreciate you more than you will ever know!

Thank you for looking past our shivering, frightened, lost, injured, aged, abused, abandoned, or ill countenances, to the one-of-a-kind animal soul within that was NOT born dangerous or contagious to others.

Thank you for harboring no ill will toward us if we, out of terror from our past experiences with some people, growl or snap at you. You know we don't mean to hurt you. You know we are out of our minds with the baggage that has been heaped upon us by the thoughtless, ignorant, uncaring people we've had as "owners." You do your best to seek justice for us, though you are hampered at what seems like almost every turn by toothless laws and an overwhelmed, understaffed judicical system. We understand, kind sir or ma'am. We love you because of all this, and more. We just cannot say so in words, but we are so grateful, just the same!

Thank you for being there for those dog lovers who trust you to try to help them when unforeseen things happen to their pets and doing your best to reunite us with our people.
Thank you for the professional way in which you do your job, yet for still having the kindness and maturity not to judge things by what they may appear at first glance.

Thank you for all you do that no one will ever know -- from those like the poor, expectant dog abandoned in a rural roadside ditch, who owes her life and the lives of her puppies, in no small measure to your solicitous actions -- to the abandoned litter of newborn kittens left alongside a rural road. Each of us animals that you help, adores you and thanks you from the bottom of our grateful animal hearts!

Thank you for having heart, soul, manners, and the indefinable "something" that makes you shine at your work and truly love it.

Thank you on behalf of all those dogs you've yet to meet, who will trust you to do your best for them.

Thank you from each of us that have been helped in some way by your kind actions -- even if it meant helping us over the Rainbow Bridge to a place where there is no pain, aging, illness, injury, or suffering. We understand and we love you, even though we cannot tell you in words. It is not your fault, the circumstances that brought our paths together at that place that was at the end of our earthly lives.

Please know that, when you visit us one day at Rainbow Bridge, we will cover your face and hands with kisses, romp with you in heavenly meadows of the most beautiful flowers and soft grass, and tell God that you're the angel we met on earth!