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Bosco the Zanesville Police Canine Officer Update!

Bosco the Zanesville Police Canine Officer Updates! Latest Update: February 3, 2010

Bosco Brief (update on Bosco, the Dutch Shepherd Zanesville, Ohio, Canine Officer)

(Note: Bosco, a Dutch Shepherd Canine Officer in Zanesville, Ohio, was shot on Sunday, August 23, 2009, when Officer Mike Schiele attempted to arrest a Zanesville man on a misdemeanor warrant. Officer Schiele was shot in the leg and was treated and released from Grant Hospital. Bosco was shot through the neck and suffered multiple injuries, one of which caused temporary paralysis, which affected his front end most. This great dog and his owner are now recovered. Visit http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/5971.htm to read all 15 updates and see other photos and videos. Keep your Kleenex handy; this is a story with courage in spades!)

February 3, 2010

Photo of Bosco taken on November 5, 2009:


Since the holidays, Bosco has been coming in approximately twice a week to the Veterinary Hospital for standard rehabilitation therapy.

He walks on the water treadmill and performs other exercises to reinforce his balance and coordination and to strengthen his right leg, which is still experiencing some weakness.
Overall, he is doing great, and he has a tremendous amount of energy that is evident as he pulls vigorously on his leash upon entering our doors.

Everyone is extremely pleased with how far he has come since his injury last year.


The Zanesville K-9 Unit is paid for entirely by donations. People wishing to contribute to Bosco's care can send donations to the Zanesville Police Department, K-9 Unit, 332 South Street, Zanesville, OH 43701.

October 13, 2009: As seen in this video http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/5577.htm Bosco walks comfortably on the underwater treadmill as part of his physical therapy. As opposed to a "dry" or "land" treadmill, the water in the treadmill tank, a soothing 94 degrees, supports his entire weight; thus it is less stressful on his joints. The only challenge is that Bosco likes drinking the water as he walks! After the walking exercise is over, we turn on the water jets so he receives an invigorating massage.

September 24, 2009 - We are happy to report that Bosco can get up and stand on his own. He is also walking short distances with no assistance. As seen in this video
http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/2862.htm [Note: I've had trouble loading this 9-second video, so it may be that too many people are trying to view it.] he continues with his daily therapy which includes walking around cones and other obstacles, although sometimes he tries to cheat! After these exercises, he takes a well-deserved nap. http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/5971.htm

September 18, 2009 - Bosco went home to Zanesville Thursday night for a fundraiser, and stayed the entire weekend with his family, which he truly enjoyed!

He is back in the hospital this week [September 21-25] to continue with daily therapy, but will be allowed to go home on weekends.

The main focus of his therapy is working on his balance.

Although his front legs buckle now and then, he is making progress walking on a leash and harness. http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/5971.htm

Brave Dog Diaries: Police Dog Bosco & human partner recovering

August 29, 2009